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Email Migration 2021

Indiana University is in the process of implementing more of Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, which involves changes in its email infrastructure. This email server update to Exchange Online is being rolled out by department. So pay attention to your departmental email. UITS should send individuals email one week before their upgrade date and then one day before. Here is a link to some basic information.

Getting Ready

You will need to know your passphrase. If you have trouble, you may need to Reset Your IU Password.

You need to have two-factor authorization (two-step login or Duo) enabled. Perhaps the simplest approach is to use the Duo Mobile App on a smartphone. But there are other options, including receiving a code by text message. See About Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU

Basic Access

After the migration takes place you can access your IU email by logging into Outlook Online at the link

Updating Your Email Client Program

If you use an email client, such as Outlook or Apple Mail, to access the new system, you will need to update its configuration.

Instructions for updating your email configuration for MacOS, including Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac. For Apple Mail you need to delete your old account from Internet Accounts and add a new account. For Outlook you may be able to get by with quitting and restarting Outlook and updating your server information.

Instructions for updating your emailconfiguration for Outlook or Windows Mail.

Updating Your Email on a Smartphone

If you access IU email via smartphone you will need to update your preferred email client on the smartphone to access the new system.

Instructions for updating your email configuration on an Android phone.

Instructions for Configuring Exchange Online with iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Updating Your Primary IU Email Address

You do not need to change your email address as part of this migration. You may later wish to change your primary IU email address to [username], instead of [username] You will continue to receive email addressed in either of these forms. The migration might cause complications if you are using your former IU email address with certain outside services, such as group email listservs.

Here is a discussion about setting a primary IU email address.