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Who is eligible for membership in IURA?

Retired IU staff and faculty and retired IU Foundation staff, along with spouses, partners, widows, or widowers of retired IU faculty and staff and IU Foundation staff. Former faculty or staff who retired elsewhere are also eligible.

I was on the faculty/staff at IUPUI but now live in Bloomington. Can I join IURA?

Retirees from any IU campus are eligible for membership. Some other campuses have separate retirees associations.

I have friends who were on the faculty/staff at IU, but I was not. Can I join?

You are not automatically eligible for membership, but you may request membership from the Board of Directors.

What activities do members of IURA enjoy?

The purposes and activities of the association are to: (1) provide for its members opportunities to come together for social, recreational, and educational purposes; (2) provide a liaison between association members, active faculty and staff, and the administration of Indiana University; (3) provide a central source of information about retired persons who are ill or infirm and to encourage visits to the unwell; (4) engage in such activities as may contribute to the general welfare of the Indiana University community.

What is the relationship of IURA to the IU administration?

IURA has no official connection with the IU administration but has a history of representing the interests of retired faculty and staff in communications with the administration.

What does it cost to join?

Dues are currently $30.00/year for single membership and $40.00 for a couple.

How is IURA different from the Emeriti House?

There is no formal membership in Emeriti House, which is mostly concerned with interests of retired faculty. However, retired staff are involved in some of their programs. IU owns Emeriti House, and the Office of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculties Office of Indiana University financially supports it.

How does IURA differ from the University Club?

Membership in the University Club is open to all. Although many of its members are retired IU faculty and staff and many of its programs appeal to retired persons, it is open to all ages. It has a wider variety of programs than either IURA or Emeriti House. Many of its activities take place in the clubrooms in the IU Memorial Union.

Does IURA represent retirees in matters concerning retired faculty and staff with the IU administration?

IURA has a long history of being an advocate for retirees in negotiations with the IU administration. Examples of issues include helping with initiation of the Meadowood retirement community, retirement and health benefits, parking policy, and most recently e-mail accounts for retirees.

Why should I join IURA?

Probably the main reason most of our members join is for social interaction with people of similar backgrounds and interests. IURA programs are also a source of useful information for retirees. Members also join to maintain contact with the university and to unite with others in advocating for benefits for retirees.

Where and when does IURA meet?

Most IURA meetings are currently held in the Peterson Room of Showalter House (IU Foundation) on Highway 46 Bypass. IURA typically has two luncheon meetings during the year.

I would like to join IURA. How do I do it?

Complete the application form on this website. Mail it with your check to the address indicated. You may also bring your form and check to one of our regular meetings.

What does my dues money pay for?

The main expense of the organization is printing and mailing the monthly newsletter, Newswatch. The organization also has miscellaneous expenses connected with its meetings.

Who “runs” IURA?

A nine-member Board of Directors, elected at an annual meeting by the membership, governs activities of IURA. The Board selects a president and other officers from its membership.

How many members are there in IURA?

The current membership of IURA is approximately 285.

When does my membership expire?

Memberships expire on September 1 each year. You can join any time, but joining in September ensures you will receive all newsletters.

How do I get on the Association’s e-mail distribution list so I will receive notices of meetings, etc?

You will automatically be added to the e-mail distribution list if you include your e-mail address on your membership application.

How can I get my name removed from the e-mail distribution list?

Reply to one of the messages, putting “Remove from list” in the subject line. Or indicate on your membership form that you do not want to be listed in the directory.

How do I get the annual Member Directory which is published each December?

If your dues are paid by the deadline, usually November 15, you will automatically receive the directory with your December newsletter.

How can I keep my name out of the directory?

This can be done by waiting to pay your annual dues until December. As a previous member you will still get the fall issues of Newswatch and paying your dues in December will ensure that you get the spring issues of the newsletter. Or indicate on your membership form that you do not want to be listed in the directory.

What if I want to be listed in the directory but do not want either my e-mail address or phone number included?

When you fill out your membership form, leave either or both blank and they will not be included in the directory.

What do I do if my address, phone number, e-mail address changes?

Notify the database manager of such changes. Your entry in the database will be updated immediately and those changes will appear in the next directory.